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Do you hear scratching or chewing in your attic while you're trying to sleep? If you do, you might have RODENTS! Call today and let us ease your worry. (805) 390-3130

Bee Removal

It is almost time for bees to start swarming and finding new places to live. If you see a bee swarm or bee hive don't panic, stay away from it and give us a call. We will remove it quickly and safely.   (805) 390-3130


Cockroaches are not always found in dirty areas, clean areas can get cockroaches as well. Inside cardboard, on shipments or deliveries. They hitch a ride into your clean home and start to repopulate.So if you see one cockroach, bets are, there are more to come! Call us today! (805) 390-3130

Warm weather ANTS

In the warmer weather, ANTS will be on the search for water. If you see a couple ants, there are more to come. If you have ANTS, call today, so we can get them before they get YOU!   (805) 390-3130

Spring time

Now is the time to get your pesticide barrier up, before the spring wave of pests. Just like animals, insects have a hibernating season as well. Spring is just around the corner, that means pests will be too. Give us a call, so we can ease your worry about these pests! (805) 390-3130  

Termite Inspection

Don't let termites eat away at your home. Get rid of termites! Just because it isn't  "termite swarm season", if termites are already in your home, they are still chewing away as you read this! Call us for a No-Hassle termite inspection. (805) 651-0190 DON'T FEED TERMITES!
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