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J&J Termite and Pest Control offers GREEN(eco-friendly) products for pest control. Ask about it today!

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Bee Removal

It is almost time for bees to start swarming and finding new places to live. If you see a bee swarm or bee hive don’t panic, stay away from it and give us a call. We will remove it quickly and safely.


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Cockroaches are not always found in dirty areas, clean areas can get cockroaches as well. Inside cardboard, on shipments or deliveries.

They hitch a ride into your clean home and start to repopulate.So if you see one cockroach, bets are, there are more to come!

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Warm weather ANTS

In the warmer weather, ANTS will be on the search for water. If you see a couple ants, there are more to come.

If you have ANTS, call today, so we can get them before they get YOU!


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Spring time

Now is the time to get your pesticide barrier up, before the spring wave of pests. Just like animals, insects have a hibernating season as well. Spring is just around the corner, that means pests will be too.

Give us a call, so we can ease your worry about these pests!

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